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Do you have a passion for Italian food and want to learn how to pair food with wine?

Welcome to Ginger Kitchen in Taipei and learn hands-on how to cook a 3 course Italian feast in a relaxed atmosphere!

Together with Marina, you will cook a range of pasta followed by a main course and a fabulous classic Italian dessert.

Once all the cooking is done, enjoy your meal paired with great Italian wines.

What better way to learn about food and to impress family and friends with your cooking skills?


I am Marina, I was born in a small traditional town in Sicily.

Being brought up in Italy my love for food developed at a very young age growing up in a family of chefs.

During my teenage years I have spent hours in our family kitchen and I have been researching and collecting hundreds of recipes.

I have spent my last ten years between China and Taiwan, getting to know and love the Chinese culture, it's sophisticated cuisine, it's tea, it's complex history and the fascinating language, which is the thing that brought me here in the first place.

I created The Ginger Kitchen in 2018 turning a lifelong dream and passion into reality.

I have opened my door to small groups for Italian cooking courses at my house in the middle of Taipei.

From beginners to keen foodies I will teach you to cook with knowledge, using fresh, simple and high quality ingredients. Feel yourself transported to the heart of Italy.

You will learn tips on how to cook brilliant Italian food with advice on where to shop in Taipei for the best ingredients.

Lessons can be taught in English, Mandarin, and of course in Italian, so both Taiwanese and foreigners are welcome to my Ginger Kitchen.

While ginger may not be commonly used in Italian cooking, the Ginger Kitchen celebrates the joy of bringing families together over a love of delicious Italian food. My family, who you may also meet, is blessed with strawberry blonde hair, the colour of ginger.